by We Are Idols

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released November 5, 2011



all rights reserved


We Are Idols Wrocław, Poland

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Track Name: Generation Back
What has happened to us all?
In some kind of way we're dead
and the hammer is set the fall.

Generation Back

The world has escaped too fast,
so please tell me how to survive
this journey to the end of night.

Thousand years of therapy
now we're left with empty hands.
We're waiting for the ray of light
that will shine through us again.
Track Name: Into Despair
I can't breathe today.
Why do all the things like that always end this way?
We were walking down towards the stream.
She grabbed my hand and all got started.

It's not an affect,
we both know.
While floating on the sea,
ego's out of control.

Yesterday, late at night
I saw her standing - howling to the moonlight.
Now I speak softly, I'm about to fall.
Myth is leading us straight into despair.
Track Name: Powerless
Melting ice, darkening sky.
Seeing the world through the half-closed eyes.
Air is heavy.


Frosty days, blinding rays.
We are choking so afraid.
Time's not waiting.

I feel so powerless in this evil land,
but despite of all this shit i don't need your help.
Track Name: Lonesome Freedom
When I was a child I met a sage who said:
Fight with nothingness through the notion of “I”!
That’s when I realized,
reflections I have will set the limits of my world.

Would it be wrong my friend, if I go my way?
Let me be alone in these tragic days.

I was condemned to wander,
I ought to be special, but I’m totally plain.
I’m afraid, therefore I am.
Is it really a gift to be born as a man?

Lonesome Freedom
Track Name: Triangle
Her dreams went back to the sky
as she lied down on the moss.
I’ve seen her wounds many times
but they never seemed so real.

Not moving out of this triangle.
Inside of world I see no fate.
Birth, life, death.

Her blood is soaking into the ground.
It won’t stop until reaching the core.
Cycle is closing once again.
Nothing will last, all is gone.
Track Name: The Eye
Dead body's lying on the Union Street.
People walk by but no one really cares.
I tried to look away but I just could not.
The Eye has conquered me again.

Look behind, empire's growing up
and I can almost feel how it is to drown
in the waters of the Caspian Sea.

My sight has been castrated,
so I'm done with the things that I don't want to see.
Stab a knife in the middle of my orbits
or Eye will conquer me again.

Eye, The Eye.
Track Name: Modernity And The Holocaust
I was told to believe in humanity,
but I'm not quite sure, if there's only one.
When I look in your bloodshed eyes,
I see the burden of what happened once.

Europe was built on mass graves
and facts are buried with a bullet in a head.

Modernity and the holocaust have met
the day, when the man stood at the top.
Guardian angel went for good
leaving awoken beast in us.
Track Name: Vanity
Everyday I wonder how my life will end,
Will I die in pain or in uncouncious way?
It's walk to fall.
Who will cry at my funeral,
will the sorrow leave you open door?
My dissapointment.

It's a funny thing that we still count the years
and sad life just goes by.
Of Vanities. All is vanity

Low pressure is raising in the heart of wool -
my well of wishes is full.
There's no place to go for my soul.
I know that something just gonna break,
I guess it would be better to get it done.
I'm not the only one.
Track Name: Weight Of Bombs
No need for tears, my sweet little son,
siren's not calling.
Don't be afraid, we still see the sun.
Planes are not coming.

Your shoulders are too weak
to carry the weight of bombs.

You gotta be strong, my sweet little son,
let's open the hatch.
Finally one day you'll be left alone
with our own mistakes.

Waiting for war,
chaos begins,
I'm sorry god but I forgot your name.
Track Name: Bones Of Dogs
Reality starts in the dark.
While looking in the sun we are blind.

"Being a corpse or something more" -
That's what the ashes from our below sing.

I will no longer dig
deeper in the ground,
cause I cannot find anyting
but the bones of dogs.

World would be so beaitful,
If only I could not see Nachtwey's works.
Track Name: Guilt
Guilt that was cut from its origins.
I’d love to find out when we failed.
With every sip of water the bush inside of me grows.
It is ought to be burned.

I wish I could go back to my first thought
And check what’s on newborns mind.

Reflections of the cross in the sand.
I guess I haven’t done anything that bad.
Pangs of conscience, sleepless nights…
Full of immaterial parasites.