No Apologies

by We Are Idols

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Can you feel the heat? I couldn't sleep all night We are finally there, we can't go back 20 dozes of might Boy, you've got to keep your eyes closed We're expanding the light Brute is rising up Should we laugh or should we cry Our hands are trembling It’s like god Yaking a photograph We stand apart But more than ever We are one
Stronghold, god knows where it all ends Heaven is falling down towards our heads Journey, story we purify Our beliefs are justified Raise yourself from the ground Turn your eyes to the sky Grab the rope and climb up Never come back, never go down Satellites below the stars Population is on the run
I'd like to take a bite Of concrete floor I'm walking on Depopulate, deregulate Back to point-zero They found our secret thought Oh fuck, we're out of luck Flash of glass in a block Industrial lights no longer shine But old moon rises high I'm sure that bombs will never come Rewrite my name
Flares were fired over the tops of Beirut i've still got no voice to sing I remember those days, when we could march? We used to talk, we used to sleep We’ve left our dreams like footsteps in dust Educated, now beheaded Abandoned Our sweat floats down from the Golan Heights Let’s hide and crouch in this dried grass The north is being photographed But I hope that no one will see Sculpture of myself near rusty tanks Water turns into mud As we start to swim
We’re climbing to the night By the backbone of America Flashes below us remind our home God, I’ve lost my keys in the jungle Boeing’s shot down, we are still around Thousands of eyes are starring back at me Fields of sholow water from their rainy tears Drop the bomb, the horror Deep in black hole, we've got it all With steel above our lands, forward to death
Black cars are easy to see On the background of snow But no one has courage to look So i lower my curtains to shut out the light Darkness seems so harmless I used to know this guy Now he's gone I guess no Cadillac's Gonna drive him home I wake up everytime I hear the engine sound from the outside And i still can't get rid of the feeling That tyrant is sitting on my back I used to see his wife Now she's gone I guess no Pontiac's Gonna drive her home
We're jaded Time to farewell Fading hours No stones to drill Walls are falling They pack the guns We're still here Cause none of the ideas did work I cannot bare my past No apologies, no apologies We believe it? State has failed Tragic wonders So fairytale Is it over? Is it dead? Moscow is on fire They've taken it back


released March 1, 2014




We Are Idols Wrocław, Poland

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